Strategic Direction

The OMC Approach

We help you design your initiatives to maximize employee engagement and achieve your desired outcomes.


OMC understands how wellness works – but we also know how to make wellness work for you, regardless of your company type or size. We know that off-the-shelf employee wellness programs do not work.


OMC strategizes around these 6 elements defined by Harvard Business School to focus our efforts and bring you benefits. 

  • Multi-level Leadership

  • Accessibility 

  • Program Scope & Quality

  • Communications

  • Organization  Alignment

  • Partnerships  

When demonstrating VOI (Value on Investment) and ROI (Return on Investment), OMC is your partner of choice - proven to create and sustain the total health of your employees. 

What Makes Us Different?
Learn about our approach to wellness.

Celebrating 25 years!

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