Behavioral Health Coaching

Highly Trained Coaches Drive Change

OMC Health Coaches are onsite getting to know your employees, your values and your culture.


We utilize physician-driven approaches and the science of behavior change to drive results for your organization.


Our Health Coaches are the catalyst to successful wellness outcomes and individual lifestyle changes that impact health and well-being for each and every individual engaged in the wellness program.


The secret to successful outcomes?

Condition Management

Health coaches seamlessly address open gaps in care with participants. We also work with your insurance carrier to provide additional support to those with higher needs and larger medical spend. The result is an enhanced focus and better outcomes management for employees with chronic diseases.


We focus on the individual. The benefits are obvious.

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Our OMC Health Coaches

Your Wellness Experts

OMC participants attain real lifestyle change that impacts the quality of life and reduces spend among participant groups through an initial health risk assessment, motivational interviewing, well-education, and challenges. OMC Health Coaches are on-site, providing face-to-face encounters that drive results.


An OMC Health Coach:

  • Has a degree in the health sciences

  • Is fully-trained in the art of Motivational Interviewing

  • Works one-on-one with participants

  • Understands the habits/lifestyle of each participant, sets long and short term goals, and follow-up appointments

  • Takes biometrics: blood pressure, height, weight, HgA1C, and cholesterol to look for potential health risks

  • Provides health scores to the participant and wellness summary

  • Conducts challenges, lunch and learns, and education to promote/support lifestyle changes

  • Is passionate about people

  • Promotes healthy lifestyles – leading by example!