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The  OMC Journey

OMC was founded in 1996 by Dr. Larry and Vicky Catlett. Dr. Catlett was named a WELCOA Top Ten Health Promotion Provider because of his pioneering work in worksite wellness and health promotion program and groundbreaking outcomes with the Cianbro Corporation.


Physician led, OMC designs and delivers leading-edge health and wellness programs nationwide to companies of various sizes and industry types. Uniquely providing robust wellness program administration, health coaching, and comprehensive wellness software, OMC customizable programs and advanced wellness solutions leverage our fundamental philosophy that wellness is about changing lives one individual person at a time to create a healthy, energetic, and focused workforce.

In December 2018, OMC became a subsidiary of Wellness Workdays, another organization driven to promote behavior change through strategic direction, hands-on approach and a strong commitment to nutrition.